Richard Crossen Photography: Blog en-us (C) Richard Crossen Photography (Richard Crossen Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:27:00 GMT Richard Crossen Photography: Blog 120 114 Stack Rocks Martinez13 It was much windier at Stack Rocks than I had expected this evening - and colder too! Nevertheless the conditions proved ideal for watching and photographing the Guillemots which seemed to be revelling in the onshore wind. Many birds were flying round and round the Stack and high in the air making for some wonderful close encounters. The Stacks seemed to be as full and active as ever so hopefully the recent heavy rain and gales have not had too detrimental affect on the colony.

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Angle Waders & Marloes After several disapointing visits to Angle Bay with very few waders on show it was nice to visit on Monday morning and find a decent collection of, very approachable, birds - c.120 Dunlin, 2 Sanderling and single Knot (well into summer plumage) and a Bar-tailed Godwit. In nice sunlight they were a delight to photograph with the Dunlin and Sanderling allowing an approach to within a few feet.

Later, at Marloes Mere, I was able to get some decent shots of Whitethroat, Willow Warbler and Sedge Warbler - see the Recent Photos gallery for more shots.


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Wet Week with one day of Sun The dreary weather has continued into May with plenty of rain and misty murky days. The exception was Wednesday 2 May which was warm and sunny. I spent the day on Skomer and the island was dripping with Willow Warblers. Plenty of Blackcaps and Wheatears too and I saw two Whinchats.

The Puffins and other Sea Birds were very active with many Puffins ashore courting and taking nesting  material into their burrows.

Friday was misty and cool but there were plenty of Blackcaps around the village which provided an opportunity for photography though getting a clear shot amongst the branches was a challenge.

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Baja California Humpback Whale Been back just over a week from a fantastic 2 Whale Watching week trip to Baja California, Mexico. We boarded the M V Searcher on 7 April in San Diego, California, motored south overnight and entered Mexico the next morning. We then went down the lenght of the Baja California peninsular stopping at various islands and lagoons on the way before heading up into the Sea of Cortez for a few days before landing at Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the penisular for the long journey home. We saw Blue, Fin, Brydes, Humpback and Grey Whales as well as many Dolphins, Seals and a load of birds all in great weather on a wonderful boat. The best shots from 7500 taken are in the Foreign Travel gallery.

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Bottlenose Bonanza A great display by  the Bottlenose Dolphins at Newquay, Ceredigion yesterday. In a flat calm sea and pretty close into the harbour they put on a dazzling display with much leaping and interaction between individuals and different groups. See also the Whales in Wales blog.

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Otters The Otter family of mother and 2 cubs were performing well early this morning at Bosherston though I managed only one decent shot in the early morning light. Many Chiffchaffs singing in the woods and over at Angle Bay there were 23 Brent Geese and a handful of waders - see Pembrokeshire Birds

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Kestrel Misty and murky in Pembrokeshire. A quick walk around Lystep headland failed to find any migrants but this female Kestrel proved very approachable.

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Norfolk Barn Owl Spent a few days in North Norfolk last week. Unfortunately it was misty and overcast much of the time - not great for photography! The sun did shine on one day, however, and I was able to get some shots of Marsh Harriers. A Barn Owl sat on a post briefly in front of the hide I was in no more then 10 yards away - with the 500mm lens and 1.4 converter on I could only just get it in frame!

back home in Pembrokeshire now awaiting the summer migrants.

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Spring in the air On the coast quite near to my home there are a few pairs of resident Dartford Warblers. They are an exquisite little bird and appear to be steadily increasing their range as they spread from their stronghold in the New Forest. This morning, in ideal conditions - sunny and calm - I went to check if they had survived the winter okay and was delighted to find 4 birds. They appeared to have paired up so it's fingers crossed for another successful breeding season.

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Woodland Birds A bright and breezy day. I spent an hour or so at the layby in Minwear Woods near Black Pool Mill this afternoon getting a few shots of the woodland birds. They are fed regularly here and allow a very close approach. A little seed brings them into range.DSC_1279

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Fulmars A sunny day at last after a week of drizzle and mist. Near Broadhaven South there was plenty of activity from several pairs of Fulmars. Clearly spring was in the air with much bill clattering and calling and aggression between pairs on the ledges and interlopers which were flying up to the cliffs.

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